Hi, my Name is Martin!

I am the founder oft CASH 111 and I got the idea to start a REALTIME MT4 SIGNAL PROVIDING.

I met my friend Dennis Buchholz with his very powerful Indicators and we decide to create this project together to plug in our powerful tools, strategies and a strong money management.

I am a german stocks Exchange and DAX trader.

I did my trading education in Germany | Heidelberg. A main part of my education I realized the powerful meaning oft the relationships between our trading strategies the gain and the rules of money management. I notice that every Profit can only be the result to combinate this at all.

If we don’t respekt the law of mathematik of money management the market it will blow or account. You can become rich with trading but definatley you can loose everything witout a money management! You need patience and time to work out a small account into a clear asset. Only this ist the secret of success.

Trading is not to get rich as fast as you can. Trading is to stay always in mental power and discipline. Trading is also the challenge of your maximum patience and every Trader needs this discipline to get profit. Trading is not a game and it is even not a battle. You will get profit only if respect this.

With this Projekt CASH 111 we want to give you the possibility to participate of our expierience. Every day and live just in time for every 111 days.

We will give you everything you need to keep in target.

Best Regards,